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DEALER MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE:  Utilized by Independent and Franchise dealers (automotive, heavy equipment, motorcycle, RV, trailer, marine, and others) to profitably and successfully manage their businesses--in both standalone or network environments. Inventory management, customer management, buy here/pay here (with available payment coupons or schedule), F&I, retail and wholesale, forms printing, built-in accounting, and more.

LEASE/RENT TO PURCHASE SOFTWARE: A true lease/rent to purchase software program (not a DMS massaged to print LTP forms), developed in 1990. Having been a new car franchise dealer with a lease to purchase lot and over 20 years serving our LTP software clients, we feel that no software company understands this type of sale more than we do. We know the details, and provide these subscribers with a weekly Webinar to share valuable strategies to make your dealership highly successful. This software includes all of our DMS features.

STATE SERVICES|FORMS: Custom designed at the request of Deputy Registrar offices, a forms printing software program which gives you the ease of completing your State forms onscreen and printing to plain paper. Once you have printed all forms for a customer, ending that session deletes the customer's information to address privacy concerns.

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Offered every Monday (except on holidays) at 2:00 p.m. eastern.  In this informative webinar, review successful strategies including: setting up your lot, pricing your lease to purchase inventory, managing your sales staff and presenting your inventory, and so much more. Effective suggestions to work easier, more productively, and more profitably.  Available only to our clients on lease/rent to purchase subscription.

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Training is limited to one company at a time, for your privacy.  If a session is filled, we will contact you to schedule another time convenient for you.  Sales sessions review those areas of the program dedicated to selling your product; and, general sessions review all other areas of the program.  Times shown are in the eastern time zone.  If the scheduled times do not work for you, give your preferred times.  Training is not offered on holidays.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern.  If you have an emergency after normal business hours you may also leave a message on our support line at 763-202-7553.  If possible, we will return your call (including holidays).






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We pride ourselves on our reputation for high customer satisfaction.  Meeting Expections is our business, exceeding them is our goal.

Our software is written in a time-tested and trusted software language used by governments and large corporations.  Designed by people who have been new and used vehicle Dealers, and designing software for over 25 years.  This experience is invaluable when it comes to issues that can arise in an ever-changing software and hardware environment.  Regarding your data, we feel strongly that sensitive data and devices should be kept in-house; therefore, our software programs reside on your computers.  However, you do have the option to have Dealer Plate reside on the Cloud or third-party hardware.

Ongoing live, Internet-based training and technical support is included in your subscription.  There is no charge to reinstall or move the software to a new computer.  Most forms are programmed at no charge.  We do not charge an initial fee to sign up.  We do not require long-term contracts, our software is subscription based.  We do not start you at a fixed rate maintained for a period of time, only to raise it substantially after that time.  We are able to offer an exceptional value at low pricing, thanks to our substantial client base.

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Every week, we offer on-on-one software training classes via the Internet for our software products.  You or your employees access the training right from your desktop.  And, for your privacy, each session is limited to one client (with the option of having multiple employees in that session).  The software is easily navigated; however, we offer training to ensure you and your employees are up to speed quickly.

With experience as a new car franchise dealer with a lease to purchase lot, and over two decades serving our lease/rent to purchase client base, we feel that no software company understands this type of sale more than we do.  Lease to purchase is an effective tool for our economic environment, and a wonderful product for those of your customers who have had bankruptcies, want another option to purchase your product without long-term commitments, or are struggling with credit or financing.  We know the details and, in addition to software training, provide these subscribers with a weekly live Webinar in which we offer valuable strategies to make your dealership highly successful.

If you need technical support for any of our software products, it is included in your subscription.  For example, if you have a virus or the computer is being replaced with a newer model, there is no charge to reinstall the software.How may we serve you?